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is an internet-based interactive presentation for patients and prospective patients interested in grasping the concepts of vertebral subluxations and good spinal health. See the movie.

In this movie, you will learn about the scientific premises that chiropractic is built on, and why it works so well. There is a brief explanation of the importance of the nervous system and how it relates to your health. The anatomy of the spine is explained in more detail and a thorough explanation of how subluxations of the spine affect the integrity of the discs, nerves, muscles, ligaments and joints. You will learn how subluxations are the leading cause of osteoarthritic degeneration (spinal decay) of the spinal column. Regular PM (Preventive Maintenance) including chiropractic spinal adjustments help keep you young and strong. See the movie. has won the prestigous ChiroMaster Award in 2000 as the Best Chiropractic website nationwide, according to the Chiropractic community.



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